Honey Butter Creamed Cornbread

This is simply one of the greatest hacks – the easiest way to zhuzh up a class box of Jiffy corn muffin mix into something insanely special and delicious. And if you found this under the “Dessert” category just read until the end. You’ll get it. SHOPPING LIST: 1 box jiffy mix, 1 can creamedContinue reading “Honey Butter Creamed Cornbread”

World’s Best Charoset

I said it, and I mean it. Last night I’m eating the haroset and thinking “why do I only make this once a year?” Then I’m thinking – “why am I eating this for dinner when I REALLY should be eating this over vanilla ice cream!?” But then I’m googling – Is ice cream kosherContinue reading “World’s Best Charoset”

Chocolate Chocolate Banana Brownies

We’ve been seeing it all over the internet right now, people turning their rotten bananas into basic banana bread. Actually, one of the FIRST recipes I ever wrote up for The Gluttoness was my healthy-ish banana muffins. I have *maybe* the world’s worst sweet tooth – so when I’m not eating donuts and ice cream,Continue reading “Chocolate Chocolate Banana Brownies”