Chipotle Lime Chicken Fajitas

Sometimes you just need a quick, FLAVORFUL dinner that will satisfy all the senses (AND require minimal clean-up). Fajitas are fajitas – I get it – but like any age old dish there are ways to make it your own. My family LOVES the Frontera Fajita Skillet Sauce with Chipotle and Lime because it really smothers the natural flavors of the peppers, onions and chicken in a smokey yet subtly tart sauce that keeps you coming back for more. My other trick? Spicing up the peppers (literally) by using a mix of bell and HOT peppers.

SHOPPING LIST: 1 lb. boneless/skinless chicken breast, red onion, green bell pepper, red bell pepper, 2 long hots, 1 jalapeño, 1 package Frontera Fajita Skillet Sauce, chopped garlic, olive oil, salt, pepper, tortillas (of choice), sour cream, shredded Mexican cheese or cotija

I like to prep my vegetables first so I only have to dirty one cutting board. Slice up your entire red onion. In you skillet, warm 2 tB. of olive oil over medium high heat. Add 2 tB. of chopped garlic and your sliced red onion and get that going. As always, we like to season along the way, so make sure to season your onion and garlic with salt and pepper. While those are starting to sauté, slice up your peppers. Cut the ends off each pepper. For the bell peppers, make sure to remove the seeds and trim the white-tish part from the center. Slice your bell peppers linearly, but for your HOT peps – the long hots and and the jalapeño – I like to slice them horizontally WITH the seeds.

Add all of your peppers into the skillet with the onions and garlic and mix well. Allow the peppers to cook about 5 minutes or so. I don’t like my peppers to be TOO soft but if you like a super cooked pepper with no bite then sauté them for double that amount of time. Now that you’ve added your peppers, season again with salt and pepper.

While your peppers are cooking, slice the chicken breasts into strips. (Let’s also quickly reference here that you could use SHRIMP, or TOFU, or STEAK, etc. if your heart desires.) Reserve your cooked peppers and onions in a bowl and then add another 2 tB. of oil to your hot skillet. Add your sliced chicken and give it a minute to brown before moving with your wooden spoon. Once you get a nice sear, give you chicken a toss, then season your chicken with salt and pepper. Let it cook another 2 minutes or so in order to nicely sear another surface of your chicken strips. When your chicken is par-cooked, re-add your sautéed vegetables and top the entire mixture with the full package of your Frontera Fajita Sauce. Turn your heat down to medium-low and allow the chicken to finish cooking in the fajita sauce for about 8-10 minutes (your sauce should be simmering the entire time).

THE BEST PART? You get to serve this dish DIRECTLY in the skillet in which you cooked it it in. Love that. I served mine with sour cream, shredded Mexican cheese and homemade tortillas which are not photographed because it was my first time trying this at home and now I understand why I need a tortilla press (Thank you, Amazon!). I’ve got a lifetime supply of Maseca here now so sooner or later we’ll talk fresh tortillas on the blog — or even pupusas — so stay tuned!

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