Spicy Scallop Crudo

Raw scallops are my favorite. Scallop sushi. Scallop crudo. If you have access to fresh, sea scallops – it’s simply the best way to enjoy these gems of the sea. The texture is rich and velvety but also light and silky. You can thinly slice them and literally do nothing more than a squeeze of lemon and some sea salt – or you can take it up a notch. This is clearly the latter.

SHOPPING LIST: 1/2 lb. sea scallops, olive oil, wasabi sauce, wasabi peas, sea salt

First, you have to understand, that as soon as you start slicing your scallops they begin to oxidize so you want to slice them and serve this dish IMMEDIATELY! The only real prep here is crushing your wasabi peas – so take about 1/4 cup in a plastic bag and bang on them with the edge of a jar and you’re ready to get going.

Turn your scallops on their side and try to slice as THIN as possible. I like to layer them a bit for presentation’s sake but feel free to take liberty here. You could display your scallop crudo slices in horizontal lines or scatter them around your platter. When your scallop slices are displayed on your platter you will give them a drizzle of HIGH QUALITY olive oil (note the green color – this not the same olive oil you would cook with), a drizzle of wasabi sauce (I’ve mentioned here before I use the Kikkoman brand, Inglehoffer makes a great option too), a sprinkle of sea salt and then your wasabi peas to finish. I love the little bit of crunch against the smooth scallop and of course the extra spice is always welcome in my house.

SOMETIMES my local fishmonger has wasabi tobiko which is the absolute BEST finishing touch but alas he was out. In my search to link wasabi tobiko, I just learned that you can buy it on AMAZON – so I guess I don’t have any excuses for next time!

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