Fried Artichokes

One of the best canned vegetables – in my opinion – are artichoke hearts. I used the quartered hearts for Green Pea Penne Pasta, but lately I’ve been buying the whole hearts which come about 5-7 per can. One of these days I’ll be able to fry them as good as E.A.T. by Zabar’s.

SHOPPING LIST: 3 cans of artichoke hearts, grapeseed oil, salt (optional Lemon Aioli: mayo, lemon, salt, pepper)

The key here is to strain your artichokes and really let them dry. You can pat them dry to expedite the process but I just let them sit out in the open air for an hour or so if I have the time. Then, in your skillet, heat up grapeseed oil over HIGH heat so that the oil goes up about 1/2 inch in your pan. While your oil is heating, set up a drying station for your fried artichokes. I like to remove the small rack from inside my toaster oven because it’s small and has a perfectly sized tray to catch the drippings.

When your oil is hot you are going to fry your artichokes in batches. You do not want to over-crowd your skillet. About 8 artichokes at a time – MAX. DO NOT move them. Once once side starts to brown, you can begin to use a tongs to turn the artichokes, making sure that all sides are fried evenly. Don’t forget THE TOPS of your artichokes – use your tongs to position your artichokes upside-down so the tops get extra crispy as well.

As your artichokes are finished, remove them from the oil and onto the drying rack – making sure to season with salt immediately:

I served these alongside the Whole Roasted Chicken – but they can be served as a STAND ALONE side dish. My favorite accompaniment is a lemon aioli. Whisk together 1/2 cup of mayo with the the zest and juice of 1/2 a lemon. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

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