Crispy Salmon Skin

SHOPPING LIST: salmon skin (mine came from a 2 lb. salmon filet), grapeseed oil, sweet chili sauce, spicy mayo, salt, pepper

A long time ago a girlfriend introduced me to Salmon Skin Handrolls and they have been a favorite of mine ever since. Soon after I started making my own salmon skin because I realized that whenever I’d go to Whole Foods I’d always ask for the skin to be removed from my salmon and they were just THROWING IT AWAY! This gem of a product was totally going to waste. So now when I order salmon I ask them to make sure the fish has been scaled and then I have them remove the skin and package it separately. UNSCALED SKIN, while it can be tackled at home with the back of a knife, is MESSY and kind of gross – so if you remember, ask to have it scaled beforehand!

Once your salmon skin is prepped, rub it with grapeseed oil (which I prefer since broiling is such a HIGH heat that you need an oil that can withstand high temperatures). Give the skin a quick season of salt and pepper and then under the broiler it goes for 10 minutes. Anytime you broil, ALWAYS keep an eye out. Some broilers are quicker than others and you can go from broiled to burnt in NO time. When your salmon skin is ready it will actually feel FIRM and CRISPY to the touch. Allow the skin to cool a bit, and then I like to cut mine up into pieces – a kitchen sheers works very well for this.

I always do this particularly when I make the Wasabi Pea Salmon and then I use the salmon skin almost like chip to eat each bite instead of a fork – I know that sounds weird but try it before you knock it. The second best part is obviously the dipping sauce. (SLASH – I think this is essentially the “dressing” for my fav Calamari Salad at Bobby Van’s – maybe thinned out a bit with some rice wine vinegar – wouldn’t be a Gluttoness recipe without some digression HA!) Anyways – super simple – equal parts Sweet Chili Sauce and Spicy Mayo. Brands don’t matter at all here and if you don’t have spicy mayo on hand you can always just mix 3 tB. of mayonnaise with 1 tsp. of sriracha and call it a day!

If you have leftover salmon skin, OBVIOUSLY make hand rolls. I always keeps roasted seaweed sheets on hand. Add some white rice, sliced avocado or cucumber and you’ve got instant sushi in a second!

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