Avocado Breakfast “Pizza”

With more time to focus on breakfast these days, and clearly a penchant for combining cooking concepts, I have a ton of these Plantpower Cauliflower Pizza crusts in my freezer. I really like this brand because it has very clean ingredients, no B.S. fillers and they are relatively small in size. I decided to use the cauliflower crust as the base for an avocado toast – as usual, making sure to spice up our avocado component with interesting additions.

SHOPPING LIST: 6″ cauliflower pizza crust, 2 eggs, avocado, red onion, lime, feta cheese, sunflower seeds, salt, pepper, olive oil, hot sauce

Follow the instructions on re-heating your cauliflower crust. I typically like to heat mine DIRECTLY on the grates of the oven or toaster oven and at a bit higher temperature than recommended so it gets crunchy (you’ll see the edges of mine are quite dark). The first step is the lime so your avocado remains bright green. Remove the zest and juice from your lime. Once you have your lime reserved in a bowl, crack open your avocado and empty the entire flesh of the avocado over the lime. Mash the avocado with the back of a fork and season with salt and pepper. Finally add 1 tsp. of grated red onion (an awesome trick I learned from Chef Chris Santos so that you get the onion flavor without the bite), 1 tB. of sunflower seeds, 1 tB. of crumbled feta and a pinch of red pepper flakes. Mix well and spread your avocado mixture over the entirety of your crisp cauliflower crust.

Now for the fried eggs – and the BEST technique I learned from Ina Garden. The secret is to put 1 tB. of olive oil in your pan and then really FRY your fried eggs (hence the name!) This ensures that the edges of your fried eggs get really nice and crispy and then using a small spoon, spoon the hot oil over the part of egg white directly around the yolks that are typically the last to cook. This is how you get perfectly, fully-cooked egg whites with still VERY RUNNY, loose yolks. I chose to use 2 eggs for this since the cauliflower crust is 6 inches and could easily fit them both.

Finally, for the garnish. HOT SAUCE 🙂 I did a mixture of two. The first – El Yucateco Green Hot Sauce which is SERIOUSLY hot along with Sir Kesington’s Chile Lime Crema to emphasize the lime undertones of the feta guacamole — which, by the way, is an awesome and simple guacamole to serve anytime you’re jonesing for a bright and satisfying homemade dip.

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