Buffalo Grilled Shrimp Buffalo Shrimp Salad

LOOKIE LOOKIE! Got a great old two-fer coming for you today. Dinner tonight, lunch tomorrow, now we are talking!!! Let’s start with the Grilled Buffalo Shrimp:

It’s a beautiful day and I hope if you can, you take this opportunity to grill OUTDOORS – otherwise, an indoor grill pan will work just fine. The key here to impress your friends is the HOMEMADE blue cheese dressing (which will come in handy when it’s time to make your shrimp salad as well).

SHOPPING LIST: 2 lbs. shrimp (peeled and deveined, tail on), buffalo sauce, sour cream, blue cheese, apple cider vinegar, salt, pepper, garlic powder

Personally, I like to have the tails on my shrimp because I think it makes for a nicer presentation (I also, oddly, like to eat shrimp tails so I will leave you with that weird personal fact). This is also another recipe that would be perfect for frozen shrimp as well if that’s all you can find right now. Toss the shrimp in your buffalo sauce. I use Jake’s Grillin Buffalo Wing Sauce and it’s my favorite ever – it’s very peppery and has a thinner consistency than most. I like to allow my shrimp to marinade for about an hour at minimum.

In your food processor, add t 1/2 cup of sour cream, 1/3 cup of crumbled blue cheese, 1 tsp. apple cider vinegar and give a quick pulse. I like my blue cheese sauce to still have pieces of blue cheese as opposed to being completely smooth and creamy so this is one of those steps that is up to your preference. Season TO TASTE with salt, pepper and garlic powder and then put your sauce back into the refrigerator until you are ready to serve it. I prefer a cold blue cheese dressing with the hot shrimp. Sometimes these little tricks make all the difference.

Now it’s time to grill your shrimp. Whether you’re on an outdoor BBQ or an indoor grill pan, just make sure to get your grates smoking hot and then lay out your shrimp in single file rows. Season one side of your shrimp with salt and pepper and flip (I like to use tongs for this) when the undersides of your shrimp are orange and blistered. Continue cooking until the each shrimp is orange, removing one-by-one like a cherry picker as they finish cooking. Before serving, you can give the shrimp a toss in a extra tsp. of your buffalo marinade if you want them extra saucy. Serve alongside your chilled blue cheese dressing. Pairs beautifully with a cold glass of rose so if drinking at lunch is your thing now would be the time!

Leftovers? Let’s hope, because we have Buffalo Shrimp Salad at your service:

HOLY YES! And honestly, what better time to re-purpose our food and give new life to last night’s dinner. This makes me happy on so many levels.

SHOPPING LIST (aside from last night’s grilled buffalo shrimp + blue cheese sauce), red onion, carrot, celery, dill, buffalo sauce, spicy mustard, mayonnaise

First step, “brunoise” one quarter of a red onion. That’s a fancy French word for very finely dice. Second, trim the ends off two stalks of celery. Slice each stalk of celery lengthwise into thirds so you end up with six long stalks of celery, then you can slice all of your celery horizontally into very small slivers. It’s important that your celery and onion are small and uniform. Next, peel one carrot, and using the small part of your grater, grate the entire carrot over your bowl of veg. Lastly, 1 tB. of chopped dill and now you can turn your attention to the shrimp.

Remove the tails from your leftover shrimp, and then slice each shrimp lengthwise (essentially in the same place where they were de-vained) so each shrimp now has 2 halves. Add the shrimp to the chopped vegetables and reserve. Give your leftover blue cheese sauce a quick stir and put 1/4 cup into a small bowl. Add 1 tsp. of buffalo sauce, 1 tsp. of spicy brown mustard and 1 tsp. mayonnaise. Mix well and dress your shrimp and vegetables thoroughly. I garnished mine with a bit of celery leaves because, as mentioned, I’m working on my garnishments but really I just dove right in with a fork and went to town. I am a shrimp salad person. It’s my go-to. And mine wins.

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