Yellow Pepper Shrimp

Another one of those recipes inspired by a Whole Foods product that piqued my interest – in this case, Sky Valley Aji Amarillo Sauce! This Peruvian yellow pepper sauce was completely new to me, but I loved that the ingredients included lime juice as we’re big citrus fans at my house. This seemed like the perfect match for seafood – so I got 2 lbs. of FROZEN shrimp. (I actually made this dish before the quarantine because I went to Whole Foods at 7am and they hadn’t put out the fresh shrimp yet so I figured I’d give it a whirl so this dish is extra useful for today’s times).

SHOPPING LIST: 2 lbs. shrimp, 1 lb. green beans, Sky Valley Aji Amarillo Sauce, chopped garlic, Biena Habanero Chickpea Snacks, lime (juice + zest), adobo seasoning, salt, pepper and garlic powder

NO shame, I buy two bags of the pre-snipped green beans and then I cut the beans in half. Using my grill pan, I heated the pan over high heat and gave it a quick spray of coconut oil. Grill the green beans until they are black and blistered, seasoning at some point with salt, pepper and garlic powder. Once they are sufficiently grilled and easy to bite through, reserve your green beans in a bowl.

Zest your lime and set aside. Also, take your crunchy habanero chickpeas (linked above or you can always roast your whole chickpeas at home) and give them a few quick pulses in the food processor — no food processor? Throw those bad boys in a plastic bag and give them a few good whacks with the back of the jar. ***Kids particularly enjoy this step***

In a saucepan, heat 1 tB. of olive oil and add 1 tB. of chopped garlic. Toss your DEFROSTED or fresh shrimp in adobo seasoning and then add your shrimp to the pan. When your shrimp are browned on ONE SIDE – add the entire bottle of Aji Amarillo and bring to a simmer. Add the zest from your entire lime and squeeze the juice from half the lime. This will up to the lime factor so if you don’t love things extra limey then SKIP. Once the shrimp are cooked through, re-add your grilled string beans and give a good toss. Serve up your yellow pepper shrimp with a generous handful of your habanero chickpea crumbs! I know it says “habanero” but they are not particularly spicy at all – and they really give the dish the best extra crunch!

If you can’t find seafood – you can totally make this dish with CHICKEN instead. Chop up boneless/skinless breasts. Your cooking time will be a bit longer for the chicken but no worries – I think you’ve got some time on your hands 🙂

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