A Dollop of Tzatziki

SHOPPING LIST: cabbage, red onion, garlic, salt, pepper, ginger powder, tzatziki

This was so good. And yet another example of cooking on the fly. I knew I was going to cook some cabbage, of course, but I wanted something heartier, richer. I was probably hungover and looking to make healthy decisions but needed a little extra oomph to feel satisfied. This happens.

I heated 1 tB. of coconut oil over medium-high heat and added 1 tB. of chopped garlic. As I’ve mentioned before, I keep a 32 oz. jar of Goya Chopped Garlic in my fridge since I use garlic all the time. These little shortcuts save ALOT of time.

Anyways, once the garlic had a bit of color, I added an entire sliced red onion. I seasoned the onion and garlic with salt, pepper and ginger powder and continued cooking over medium heat for about 10 minutes or until the red onion was translucent and a bit blistered. Next, I added the entire sliced cabbage and made sure to mix it well with the onions, garlic and coconut oil. After about 5 minutes, I again seasoned the cabbage with salt, pepper and ginger powder. Five more minutes and some occasional stirring and the sautéed cabbage and onions were done. On an average night this could be it. All done. But NO! I needed MORE!

I had made a simply grilled turbot for dinner – with blackened seafood seasoning and a squeeze of fresh lemon. I took the Cava Tzatziki out of my trusty refrigerator to serve with the turbot and had an “A HA” moment.” Why not use the tzatziki as a dressing for the vegetables!!!? I topped the sautéed vegetables with a pretty dollop of the tzatziki and I thought we might be onto something so I thankfully snapped a picture. The second after this photograph was taken, I mixed it up REAL well and TRUST ME when I tell you, the dollop of tzatziki proved to be MUCH more enjoyable mixed into the vegetables than it would have been served as a stand-alone accompaniment to the fish. This creamy, herbacious cabbage concoction was such a satisfying side dish that Ic caught it looking all pretty because this is certainly worth re-creating in your own kitchen.

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