The Secret Sauce.

If you can’t tell by now – I am a sauce person – or else this is the first post you’re reading. Either way, welcome 🙂 and let me tell you about one of my favorite sauces as of late – Siete Spicy Queso. This cashew queso is vegan (are you sensing a theme?) and while it’s perfectly delicious as a dip, that’s how I first enjoyed it, it really has a magnitude of possibilities. Sometimes I bake simple turkey meatballs and mix them with the spicy queso instead of marinara sauce – almost like a Mexican version of Swedish meatballs. I’ve made nachos with the spicy queso and fried bits of chorizo — totally NOT vegan, ha! But one of my favorite uses of this queso is as a simple dressing for roasted vegetables.

I have yet to delve into my deep appreciation for cabbage, so for this “recipe” I roasted two heads of cauliflower and two bags of halved Brussels sprouts in two separate batches. Each batch of vegetables got a dressing of olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic powder before a quick toss and into the 400 degree oven they went. The vegetables cooked for 45 minutes each and then (SHOCKER!) I gave each tray 3-5 minutes under the broiler to get some char on the veggies and add a little crunch to the dish. Once the vegetables were out of the oven, I put about 4 tB. (or half the jar) of the queso in my serving bowl and then poured the vegetables on top. It’s important to stir this really well so the queso really gives your typical roast vegetables that creamy extra kick! And that, my friends, is the secret sauce (for today, anyways).

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